photographer, mother, adventurer, wife.

Meet me: I'm Chelsie! A lot of things describe me, but what defines me are my actions. I always give 110%, okay maybe not to folding laundry, but everything else I give 110%. I have over 10 years of photography experience. I've photographed just about everything, but what I love more than anything is family portraits. I love that every family is different, from their style, to personality, and everything in between. I enjoy water, tea, and adventuring. I'm always learning and growing both professionally and personally. I am a bit of a craft addict. I love creating art, natural products to use at home, and other things (candles, jewelry, props, etc.).

I have three amazing daughters who help fuel my love for documentary photography and who have taught me so much about life. I am a Navy wife and veteran. While moving every couple of years can be difficult, it is also amazing. I get to meet so many people and further develop my skills by experiencing all the different challenges a new environment and community bring. These growths have made it easy for me to "start over" at each new place we visit.

I also love the freedom my business gives me to stay home with my kids and do what I love.