My whole life I’ve been a photographer, I dreamed as young child of having a line of post cards. I wanted other people to enjoy my view of the adventures i go on. Since then my dream has evolved, my landscapes have sold as prints, post cards, prints on metal. The evolution of my dreams keeps going. Here are a few of my landscapes, take a look and let me know if you’re interested in something I’ve already created, or if you want to commission a new project.

09-Dining Area.jpg

Crashing Waves kauai

I took this photo when we went to Kauai, it was this gorgeous drive and I saw a spot to park and we pulled over so I could take a few photos, when i looked over the edge, I never imagined seeing this lush green moss covering the rocks and just below this deep blue water mixed with the smallest amount of sea foam.

21-Formal Living Fireplace.jpg

Ocean Views

Some gorgeous spots around Oahu and Kauai.

08-Open Staircase.jpg


One of my favorite shots of crashing waves on Oahu.