Oahu Family Photographer | Military Dad's Mini Sessions | 2018

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Military Dad's Mini Sessions 2018

Sunday May20th

These are mini sessions for service members who are Dads! Bring your children and lets capture some amazing moments.

10 minute lifestyle session, perfect for tickle fights, ring around the rosey, snuggles, splashing, building sand castles, and so much more. 
-$50 print product credit as a thank you for your service.

Where: TBA

Spots: 11 spots

Cost: FREE - $25 retainer to hold your spot, will be returned or can be applied to your order.



Family is a HUGE part of my life. Growing up my Dad taught me so much. Now being a Military wife, I see how difficult it can be for Dads, long hours, late nights, deployments, etc. Every chance I get I photograph my daughters with their Dad.
Why military Dads.
I'm prior service and my husband is active duty. He works long days, and doesn't get to spend much time with our children. I know Dads don't typically like photo sessions, so these are lifestyle so they don't have to be looking at the camera, just hangin out with their kid(s). So lets do this and create something amazing, beautiful, and tangible; for your child(ren) to look back on and fill their heart and memory with all the little moments they love with you.



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I will book these on a first come basis.