Dreams Come True | Surfer Family Kualoa Beach Park | Chelsie Thompson Photography

Dreams Come True | Surfer Family Kualoa Beach Park | Chelsie Thompson Photography


It’s been about 5 years that I’ve been getting into the water more and more during sessions. It started with my husband and oldest daughter playing at the beach. About 2 years ago I had an amazing session that took my creativity to a whole new level. After that I started getting more people in the water, every chance I got. Now it’s “my thing” I am always pushing people in the water (not physically) but suggesting it. It always ends well and the images I get are some of my favorites.

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From time to time I get these creative bursts, my dreams go wild and I will make a list of things to shoot. This last list consisted of my completely in the water photographing a couple surfing and family surfing. I had these images in my head that I dreamed off. So, I did what any excited person does and I put that thought on paper and spoke it into the universe, and it happened. I got an email from a client and she asked to do just what I was imagining all week.

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Any creative entrepreneur knows that when your idea comes to life this easy, it was meant to be. Like oreos and milk, my dreams were coming to life.

I showed up to the session and met with Mandy and her family, it was just as I envisioned, they had a van, a couple of boys, and their smiles were from ear to ear.

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Of course, I had to put my own spin on things and add in some “classic” poses but while they were on surf boards in the water. It was perfect. Not only that, they were so easy going and fun. It truly was the perfect shoot for this family. It shows their active lifestyle and love for adventure and each other. Just the kind of shoot that I know in 20-30-50 years they will look back on these and remember their time in Hawaii and all the fun times they had.

Looking forward to doing more sessions like this.

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