Mothers Day 2018 | Oahu Family Photographer | Chelsie Thompson Photography

Mothers Day 2018 | Oahu Family Photographer | Chelsie Thompson Photography

Back in 2016 I wanted to do something special for Mothers Day. I wanted to do a project that set my soul on fire. Something that made me happy cry. I thought long and hard and one day while in the commisary, it came to me. It’s weird when you dream up amazing ideas, how you can remember what you were doing when that happened. I saw a woman in uniform pushing a cart and when she turned I saw a little boy in the child seat. She was shopping and playing with him. I have no idea who she was but that moment my heart exploded and I knew what I wanted to do.

I wanted to photograph active duty women who have children. Like seriously hands down and a million hugs to those, not only for the sacrifice they make for our country but also to their family and children.

I photographed three Mothers and their children in 2016 for this project. It was incredibly special and a project I truly loved doing. In 2017 I was way too tired and pregnant and unable to do the project, so in 2018 I photographed 6, it was amazing, I went bigger and it truly was amazing. I already have so many ideas for the 2019 sessions.

Here was my last from that day of Mothers Day sessions.
This is Heather and Melanie. They are amazing. I loved being able to photograph them and watch them ineract and play.

Chelsie Thompson