Changes.. Oahu Family Photographer


While I love flip flops, tan lines, and salty crazy hair.. I realize my time in Hawaii is limited. To be more general, we will most likely be relocating next summer. Hold while I cry a little.... Anyways, a little over two years ago we moved back (yup we lived here before) to Oahu. Oh boy was I JUMPING with joy when I found out. I actually remember running to my best friends house, yes, literally running to her house and screaming with excitement. Because, she was also relocating to Oahu.
My dreams ran wild. I imagined, thought, and dreamed all these plans. While I have always been a photographer, after taking it easy in California while going to school, I knew moving back to Oahu meant going full force with my business again.
I dreamed of pineapples at sessions, splashing, and loads of laughter.
That has happened. I LOVE that I can with all my heart and soul say I did what I wanted to do and I loved it all.
When we got here I rebranded to Aloha Family Photography, I set my goal to focus 100% on families. THIS was difficult because I LOVE to photograph just about everything but especially photographing women. I put that on the back burner. (WHICH I miss dearly).
Anyways, I realize that I rebranded and only thought about the next 3 years. I stepped away from my huge online following of over 4K to start Aloha Family Photography. Now that I'm thinking about my future and the things I want to accomplish, I realize I need to rebrand back to my name.
There are some things in my 5 year goal and life goal that would be a lot better if I were to rebrand back to Chelsie Thompson Photography. So I'm jumping again with both feet in the deep end and rebranding back to Chelsie Thompson Photography (for short CTP).
What does this mean, really not much. I'll switch over my business legally and my contracts and logo will change but my branding with the aqua watercolor and the palm trees and pineapples will stay the same.  In fact, here is a look at my new logo.

new logo ctp.jpg

So over the next few weeks I will be making these small adjustments to my website and all the fun back-end stuff.

With this comes some exciting news, I will now more officially be booking boudoir sessions again! Limited because I still want about 90% of my focus to be on families!

Click the link below to contact me about booking a session!!