What happens at a session | Chelsie Thompson Photography | Oahu Photographer

What happens at a session |
Chelsie Thompson Photography | Oahu Photographer

You're thinking about booking a session, awesome! I want you to be prepared and know what going to happen. I photograph a mix of lifestyle and posed. What the heck does this mean?
Lifestyle; the way in which a person or group lives.
Pose; assume a particular attitude or position in order to be photographed, painted, or drawn.

What I do is start out with "poses", then move toward ques. This is the way I get everyone warmed up. Because, lets face it, it can be super stressful, these photos are now going to be on your walls, and part of your family history, forever. So yeah that can be a little daunting. Usually it takes about 5 minutes to "warm" a family up, I mean we are on Oahu and the sun helps. (insert giggle).

So after warming up both with some posing, ques, and the sun. The fun really starts, I do what I call flow, I'll start with the whole family, then parents, then kids running around. This is awesome because I get a lot in, in a short amount of time.
A lot of people don't think 30 minutes is enough time, but trust me, it is perfect for a family, couple or cake smash ;) . I usually get 2-4 different "views" and around 10 "poses" or looks per view. I also get a lot of breakdowns, family, parents, kids, and each parent with the kids, kids on their own, also dog or pet if you bring one!

What this looks like.

On Saturdays I photograph at Kualoa Regional park aka China mans hat beach, Oahu.
So here, I usually start at the field with the gorgeous Kualoa Mountains in the background, we will start with that classic look and move to running around the field. Usually we are in the field for about 10 minutes. Then we move over to the beach, I get a variety of poses and running like Baywatch on the beach with China Mans hat in the background. Then we will usually splash, I say we because I'm known to splash kids if they are into it. I also do "fun" poses where I have you jump around and be crazy, then end with some snuggles. Usually everyone (including me) is wet and covered in sand by the end of the 30 minutes. Then hit repeat for me, because I do back to back sessions on Saturdays.
It really is a lot of fun, I get a lot of high fives from the kids, Dads usually say they are surprised that they actually had fun.

Here is a slideshow from one of my sessions, enjoy. Then book a session