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Hiking with this AMAZING mom

Motherhood... parenting.. working from home... military life.. I could go on and on about this.

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Email from the Momma ^

I woke up to a toddler whose diaper leaked, on my bed. I went to the doctor for some major foot pain to not get it resolved. I was told to lose weight and ride a stationary bike, and since I have 3 kids I should let them watch TV while I do this. I've worked so hard to be how and who I am. I've worked so hard for my kids to be interactive, limited TV time, playing, art, etc. I've also worked hard on my body, both mind and physical this year. I left feeling so terrible about everything. So I will get a new doctor, I will get my foot looked at, I will keep up all the good, positive things I've been doing.

I came home and snuggled my babies and was feeling defeat. Then I checked my email, totally forgetting I sent this Momma a link to her video! Then I cried again, but happy tears. I LOVE what I do.