Military Spouse Best Friends Cake Smash | Oahu Photographer | Honeymoon Beach

Best Friends Cake Smash | Oahu Photographer | Honeymoon Beach

I decided to re-write this blog, because it really didn't hit the nail on the head. I want to be myself in my photography, writing, and client experience.
So here it is, raw, uncut, Chelsie+ cold brew coffee.

I love cake smash photo shoot, I love fun photo shoots. I LOVE LAUGHTER.

Being a military spouse is HARD, I'm not talking about moving, anyone can pack some boxes and move across the country or ocean. What makes it hard is long hours, unpredictability, not being able to plan more than 3 months out, and friends. That last one really kills me. It is so hard to make friends when you are a military spouse, when you are a working military spouse, when you are a stay at home mom and military spouse, when you are a work at home mom and military spouse. You would think if you threw 30,000 people on a base if would be easier to find friends... But everyone is leaving or just got here. I've made some many almost super good friends but then they leave or I leave, or.. or.. shit happens. So when you find that one person who got here about the same time and has ALL the same interests and makes your face hurt from laughing, hand cuff yourself to them, just kidding, but don't let that go. Not with this lifestyle, hang on to those friendships.


I know both of these amazing women. They are ladies I wish I could spend more time with.

Gloria is a seriously kick ass posed newborn photographer, like seriously if you have a baby growing in your belly, call her. ASAP. Or maybe this is a reason to get busy and make a baby ;) LINK Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is an amazing Mother, she is such a warm and happy person to be around. Also no way is she 37.

Elsie, I mostly know her over facebook, but have met her several times, and she is amazing. LINK She is also an amazing Mother, photographer, and super good lookin' hey girllll.

The cakes were from none other than Sweet Newbyginnings ! I tried them and they were really good! I love how she added the ribbon to hide the cardboard!


This was one of those sessions, where I came home and excitedly loaded my card and started looking through all billion photos, smiling ear to ear because of all the amazing moments and laughter during the session. These ladies were/are amazing, so full of love, laughter, and you could tell their friendship is worth the world.
Ask all my clients, I get so emotionally invested, I almost always cry at some point, but Gloria and Elsie had my laugh crying so hard my face hurt and I got a good ab work out.

Follow me to see more from this session, I will be blogging each of their individual sessions soon! Here are a few photos from their session.

Poppin' Bottles of Champagne


So here's what happened. We very vaguely planned this Gloria told me she had a friend and they wanted to do a cake smash, she told me the theme and we picked a date and time. Last minute I thought about champagne and a giant unicorn floaty. So Gloria being the bad ass she is, went and found the floaty! Target, YEY! So day of, we are all excited get there, setup. It's so windy, like sandy is flying! Eventually we get to poppin' the bottles and well that was hilarious and warm. Have you drank warm champagne, don't do it.

Seriously they can't be 37!


Smashing Cake TIME!


When the unicorn goes for a swim

If you follow me, you know splash sessions are my THING, I love them so so much! SO I was like, hey get on that unicorn and get in the water. They were totally game, and it was awesome, the small waves rolling in, making them almost tip over. It was a blast, then Elsie was on it by her self, I'm about ankle deep in the water, and she just started floating out, and out... and out some more. So I start wading through the water and end up to my belly button deep, holding my camera way above my head, and in the other hand is the unicorn with Elsie on it! Mean while Gloria is laughing so hard from the shore. Oh how this was so amazing.


Let me be real, this was so much fun and if you want a fun food smash photo shoot, for whatever reason, email me.
I'm on Oahu, but am able to travel, but it's Hawaii, so come here!

Also keep your eye out for each of their individual photos!

Feel free to share this! Also comment what kind of food smash you would do!