Oahu Adult Cake Smash | Aloha Family Photography

Oahu Adult Cake Smash | Aloha Family Photography

I would like to start off with.. any reason is the perfect reason to have a cake or food smash photo shoot. or even no reason at all! Either its your birthday, half birthday, your businesses birthday, your divorce, a celebration, or just for fun! Let's smash some cake or food.

Cake or Food?

How do you decide? There are so many options. For one cakes can be customized to fit any theme! You want a race car, unicorn, hello kitty, naked cake, rainbows, geo cake, barbie, pineapple, penis cake.. that can be made too. Whatever you want, there is a baker for that or a pinterest DIY.

Food! So many options, want donuts covered in sprinkles? powder? maple bars? yum! There's also, pizza, tacos, spaghetti, McDonalds chicken nuggets is trending right now, but also startbucks, ribs, cereal, watermelon, etc. Endless ideas, pick your favorite and go for it!


BYOB. ;)

What do I wear?

You'll be wearing your food by the end so the clothes don't really matter! Just kidding, maybe... but pick something that makes you feel amazing! Maybe its a little black dress, or maybe its jeans and a hip t-shirt. Or wear a mermaid tail, I've got plenty to pick from ;)

Here are a few examples of cake smashes!