Oahu Watermelon Childrens Session | Aloha Family Photography

Oahu Watermelon Childrens Session |
Aloha Family Photography

Lately it's been pretty rainy here on Oahu. Not that it
actually" has been cold. I have considered getting those good
old' fashion toe socks, since I can't seem to not wear flip flops.

We had a few glimpses of sunshine this week. I also managed to make it to the store with all three children. We picked up a ton of fruit, might be because we are trying to eat healthier snacks or it might be for photo shoot... maybe both.. or we're just fruity. My middle child, the only one not born on Oahu, we call her danger, because he outrageous lifestyle and being a tad crazy. She picked the watermelon, and was way to excited to wait till sister got home to share.

It was actually really nice to sit in a soggy field, chase the baby who is crawling and tries to eat grass, and let them just enjoy a tiny bit of sun, and a lot of watermelon.



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