Oh, the changes... New Year.


2018 was fun now let’s get 2019 started!!!

I took a ton of time and went through every session and every order from the year. Most of my clients ordered albums, 52 albums made this year! That’s out of 77 sessions that would order an album! So I decided to make a collection!

I will still have the option of a session fee and order al-a-carte, but I will also have the option to purchase a collection that includes an album, matching digital, and your session fee with a small savings for bundling it together! I even came up with some cute names for the sessions! Here is a sneak of my new titles.

The new title of my children’s sessions!

The new title of my children’s sessions!

With that… I’m doing a small giveaway!

I’m giving away $250 credit to a small handful of people, take my survey here and get some more info:

book your session! (I’m only on Oahu for 6 more months!)

Chelsie Thompson