Don't Hold Back | Chelsie Thompson Photography | Oahu Photographer

Don't Hold Back | Chelsie Thompson Photography | Oahu Photographer

I’ve seen it so many times.. I can’t even count. When I worked for Lifetouch I photographed around 8 sessions per day. Usually half had never had photos done. These were for church directories so it was short and simple sessions. I got to know people quickly. This is a trait I have had since childhood. One that, until recently didn’t know what such a powerful tool in my life.

There are a few things that always stuck with me because I heard them over and over again. One being that this was their first family photos, or that they never had photos taken with their now grown children. Sure, they would always say they had some snap shots from time to time, but nothing formal nothing with everyone.

This really resonated with me, because I realized; I don’t have a single photo with my parents and me. I didn’t have a single photo of my whole family together.

So, me being a little outrageous at times, made everyone get together in my grandmas unfinished shop and I setup the studio. I set up all the poses and my step sister from my Dads marriage would take a dozen or so shots of each pose and hope for the best. And it turned out great.

When I ask my parents why we never had photos taken of the whole lot of us, it was usually a “we didn’t think about it” or “it wasn’t a thing people did”. Those seem so silly to me but it was a different time back then.

So now I want to break objections, I want to find out why you’re not in front of my camera, I want to dig to the root of all the why nots, and I want to tell you why you should.

I did a poll on Facebook and will break these things down! See my next blog for Breaking Objections!

Chelsie Thompson