Outfits, OMG becky what do I wear! | Oahu Photographer | Chelsie Thompson Photography

Outfits, OMG becky what do I wear! | Oahu Photographer | Chelsie Thompson Photography

Outfits, OMG Becky what do I wear! My hair! HOLY SHIRT! Drop them socks.

This is not going to be your usual outfit guide.

Jokes aside, this is important. I want you to look like you. Sure, the cover of that magazine looks nice but is it you? No. I mean unless you only buy the latest trends, then sure, go for it. My regular outfits are one of two things. Shorts and a tank top, or leggings and a tunic. I accidently match. Yes, you read that right. I have a few favorite colors/things, so I just match and don’t even try. Nice for me but how do I match my kids to me to my husband to the location. OMG BECKY, please help does my butt look good in these, or that, or maybe I should wear a yellow sun hat?! Hair down, or braided, I saw a thing on Pinterest last week... let me find… oh man marshmallow ghosts… what am I do shopping for lamps!

Okay, so the easiest way to find your outfits, we live in Hawaii. So, let’s go for warm weather wear. Shorts/dresses/bikini, you rock that bikini girl! So, let’s start with the easy ones, kids. OMG they are the easiest to dress. Baby in a onesie, a romper, or a dress. Little boy? Shorts and a solid tee shirt or t shirt with a pocket, because pockets are awesome. Got a daughter? Sundress for the win. Mom, you look great in that dress, shorts and fav shirt, Dad.. hmm let’s roll with button up rolled up sleeves, shorts, and a belt. Hair clip in daughter’s hair, surfer dude up your son’s hair. Man, that was easy. Oh, but colors, patterns, stripes…. Green eggs and ham OH MY!

Okay, so pick your color and find ones that compliment.

I have pinned a few easy ideas. BUT for real, grab your favorite things lay them out and send me a photo. I will tell you honestly what if anything needs changed.

Most importantly, stay away from these things:
1. Logos across shorts or on them.
2. Characters, cool your kid loves barney, but let’s leave the barney t-shirt at home
3. and I know your husband loves hockey but no jerseys please...
4. Stripes, oh my they do not photograph well. So, hang that back up
5. If you think “she can Photoshop that out”, I can for a fee so maybe put that back.

Here is a link to my Pinterest board, don’t get distracted ;) LINK


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