Oahu Family Photographer | Splash Session | Amazing Family

I generally leave a photo session and have a feeling of excitement. I love working with families. This session I did stands out, I try not to "play favorites" but this one, this one is my favorite.

At the time our newest child was about 3 months old. So I brought the whole family to base and dropped my husband and our three daughters off at the park. I then headed to my session. I listen to the radio and did my usual pre photo shoot car dancing. I pulled up and immediately my clients pulled up next to me. I don't know why but this felt like a great sign. Since we were both about 10 minutes early. Right away I felt a connection, the Mom Shelby had the same hair style and hair color as me! I complemented her AMAZING style. We walked down to the beach and I really let myself be me at the session. I joked with them, we chatted, the kids played, splashed, and then although I have suggested before at sessions, I highly encouraged them to get in the water. The results were amazing. I also got in the water, I was soaked up to my belly button! Best of all I knew I made friends for life.

After the session I was on cloud 9, it was amazing, I kept looking at the back of my camera and felt so much pure excitement. Upon getting home, I started my usual post session uploading and all the behind the scenes work.

When they came over to see everything, again, it was just an amazing environment. Their kids played with my kids while we looked through their photos, I may have teared up because I'm always emotional when people love the photos. She may have too, I don't remember, and I didn't want to look and her see my all teary eyed.

Then I found out the family was MOVING away from this beautiful island Oahu. So I ordered everything with rush shipping because I love hand delivery/pick up!

Anyways, I absolutely loved that session. That session is now my samples for basically everything in my studio. Here are a few of my favorites.

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