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I'm Chelsie Thompson. A few faq's
From Oregon, currently living on the beautiful island of Oahu. I LOVE the windward side, it's so green and mostly quiet.
I've been interested in photography since childhood. I used to use a crayola film camera and take photos of my sisters, I would LINE them up and tell them to smile. I also fancied taking photos of my toys and things around the house. I had film cameras till I was 13, I then got my first digital camera, GAME CHANGER! I could take photos and put them on the computer that same day! Every one knew I was the photographer and documented everything.

Since then my goals and dreams have grown. I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. I still dream of grand adventures and National Geographic photo shoots. But at the end of a family photo session, I look at all the beautiful photos and history that was recorded, and I love my job.

Back to me.. I love coffee, tea, water, and Lanikai juice! I have always been on the "fruitier" side of life, which might be why I love working with toddlers, they are so silly. I know, I have a couple of them. OK, I have 3 daughters! Silly is my life.

I am also an adventurer, I love to explore, hangout at the beach, build sand castles, splash in the waves, and more. That is why living on Oahu and being a family photographer is PERFECT! I crave adventure, I love photographing my family and other families having fun, playing, laughing, and having a good time.

I recently became an admin of my local military spouse photo group. Which is so amazing and exciting. I get to help plan photo meet ups, coffee meet ups and more! I'm all about community over competition and one of my good friends actually is a family photographer also!

Thank you for reading!! :)

Photo of me by the amazing Samantha

Chelsie Thompson